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Discover the secrets to 360 degree success with world-class experts, detailed execution plans, practical tips, proven tools and actionable strategies with my top 10% global podcast on Spotify for women in leadership.

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“I learned additional tools to lead my team, build connections with other like minded women and empowered me to think about my brand and my career objectives in a whole new way. Working with Lucy has allowed me to prioritise myself - not just career wise but my personal life too. It’s been phenomenal.”

Claire Doyle, Operations Director & SLT Member, Pharma

Self-leadership and leadership development



From a young age I remember the pressure to continuously conform to the expectations of others and to put other people’s feelings and needs first. And when I began my career in a corporate role, that just continued. I was so eager to please, and desperate for approval that it felt impossible to show the world who I really was, for fear of judgement.

Back then, on the outside I was a driven, high performing corporate leader in the pharmaceutical industry, solving complex problems, delivering on time and shaping culture with high energy and a big smile. But inside I was running on empty. Overwhelmed. Forever anxious. Zero work-life balance, horrendous self-belief and my own biggest critic. When it started to affect my reputation and my most important relationships, I decided enough was enough.

I invested in myself to take back control. I focused my energy on reading and learning new skills and tools. I found courses and coaches to teach, guide and hold me accountable to create change. Most importantly I decided to care more about myself and my family and a little less about the noble cause that had almost been brainwashed into me.

I found the confidence to leave my 20 year career and help women leaders just like you to see that you can have it all too. Since then, I’ve created a top-rated podcast, won awards, and sold-out masterclasses and programs. I’ve gone from overwhelmed “yes girl” to helping hundreds of corporate female leaders to create better balance, more success, and find true inner happiness. And if I can make it happen, I know you can too.



“I have significantly more confidence, understand my own worth and don't feel I have to prove myself to anyone. It is refreshing! I loved the tools on prioritization, setting realistic goals and the CEO Power hour. The most impactful thing I learned was no one else can change my situation but me. Instead of making excuses, I can be my own catalyst for change. Invest in yourself. It will pay back 10 fold in better health, career and life.”

Susie, Vice President Commercial Operations