Your result is...

Miss People Pleaser

You are a great people manager and your team know you have their back.

You want other people to be happy and try your best to make this happen. People love working with you because they always feel seen and supported. You are a kind, empathetic soul who has a genuine interest in others.

Your keyword: Harmony

You are great at team building and bringing people together. You see the good in everyone and rarely say nasty things. You love things to be in harmony both at home and work and dislike conflict.

You like chatting about personal things. You make a great team member as you are helpful and reliable. You are regularly called upon to take on additional work as your boss knows you'll do it.

You are well respected and well-liked. You are polite, kind, courteous. You give more than you take and are excellent at going along with what others want.

You worry about stepping out of line and upsetting others or worse, angering someone who you find intimidating. This results in you keeping quiet at times when you want to voice your opinion.

You are cautious about sharing information and as a result, you sound unsure and can often get ignored when there are stronger characters in the room. You take criticism personally and you often feel misunderstood. You can feel taken for granted and sometimes feel resentment towards those you help.

Your biggest challenge?

Sometimes you let people walk all over you. And you’re often afraid of what people will think if you allow your light to shine..

Try these 3 strategies

to stop pleasing others and start pleasing yourself…

1. Check what people want instead of guessing. Oftentimes, you do what you think you should do but do people actually want the help you are giving them? Unsolicited help or advice is often unwelcome. People want autonomy and nobody wants to be rescued. It's best to check what people want before doing things you think they want.

2. Stand up and be heard. If you have an opinion step into your power and say it. Factual, data based confrontation does not hurt people. You will only ever communicate with grace and positive intent so it will be received well, I promise. Straight talk is useful and necessary. And you will gain respect.

3. Give yourself a break and ask for what you want! It is ok to stand up for yourself and be assertive. You have the same rights as everyone else. If you have something to say, say it! What's the worst that can happen? Mindset shifts and gaining confidence takes work which is a big part of what I do with my 1:1 VIP clients. You can find out more about working with me here.

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