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Miss Perfectionist

You love lists and organising things. You like everything done just right.

Details are important to you and you are seen as a reliable source of information. You often find yourself triple checking your work and correcting others who fail to meet your standards. You use the word “should” frequently.

Your keyword: Perfection

You find it hard to delegate as you like things done your way. You sometimes procrastinate and avoid doing tasks. You judge your self worth largely on your ability to achieve high standards.

At home, you like your house to look picture perfect, especially when guests are due which often results in you frantically cleaning, tidying and lighting scented candles!

You never seem to have enough time. You tend to micro-manage your team, meaning you have less time to focus on your own work and long term strategies.

You may be perceived as overly critical and your team may not understand why you focus on what they’re not doing, rather than what they are doing.

How to make

Positive Changes

1. Accept that good enough is good enough. Set realistic standards. You can do this by asking your team what they believe is realistic. Give them the opportunity to get involved. This will make them feel seen and heard and strengthen you as a leader in their minds.

2. Consider what the consequences really are. Ask for feedback from your team, your peers and family. What impact are your standards having on them?

This is something I work on with my VIP 1:1 clients through my signature program. Mindset shifts take work and time. You can find out more about working with me here.

3. Give yourself a break! When others make mistakes, make a point of telling them that mistakes are not serious and look for the learning. By doing this consistently, you will begin to give your brain a new program and will see that your own mistakes are ok too. You are perfectly imperfect just like us all

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