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Miss Resilient

You are known for your ability to be objective and calm in tense situations.

You are great at logical problem solving and putting in structures and processes. You are the kind of person people want around in a crisis. You are consistent, driven and reliable.

Your keyword: Resilience

You are seen as a strong leader and you can always be counted on. You have a strong sense of duty and will do what it takes to get the job done. You are energised by the feeling of "coping". You thrive under pressure and love the fast pace of your work.

You focus more on data and logic and can make difficult decisions about your team and others without torturing yourself about the impact of your words. You tell it like it is and make no qualms about it.

You see failure to cope as a weakness. You cannot crack as this means you are weak and you don't do weak.

You like to feel in control and appreciate straight talking. You can be perceived as cold as your language can be quite impersonal.

You don't ask for help and as a result are often overloaded making you feel like you're not in control. You can be very self-critical and can be difficult to get to know, but that's not what you want. It's time to take action!

Try these

3 simple strategies…

1. Accept that vulnerability makes you a better leader. In fact, that is the foundation of human connection and that my friend, is what we are here on earth for. Think about it, when you watch a movie, don’t you relate most to the imperfect character? The one who shows their perfectly imperfect imperfections? The world won't fall down if you ask for help every now and again.. Mindset shifts take work and time. This is an area I work with my VIP 1:1 clients on. You can find out more about working with me here.

2. Recognize that if you are always the one to fight the fires and solve the latest crisis, you are actually disempowering your team. Your job as a leader is to develop your team so that you have successors ready to take over. The only way they will learn is by stepping up, trying and making mistakes. Mistakes are inevitable and are how we grow and learn. There are very few decisions that can't be reversed and very few mistakes that can't be corrected. Once nobody dies, what's the big deal?

3. Consciously practice accepting help from others. The next time someone offers to help you, say yes!! What is the worst that can happen? It won't make you weak, it will free you up to focus more on strategy, raising your profile and doing impactful work.

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