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Miss Supersonic

Hurry up and get it done so I can move on to the next thing!

Getting multiple tasks done simultaneously to save time is your strength. You pride yourself on working fast and achieving. But sometimes, the pace at which you move at makes you feel drained. You sometimes lose time by cutting corners.

Your keyword: Speed

You think fast, talk fast and get to the point. You are known for getting sh!t done. You work best under pressure and cope well with tight deadlines. In fact, you thrive on this. If your boss wants something done quickly, you’re the woman for the job.

You get a lot done in a short space of time and love multi-tasking.

You prefer big picture thinking and don't enjoy when you need to sit down and focus on something that requires your full attention for a long period.

Where's the fun in that?!

You love bouncing from task to task and regularly get distracted by shiny objects. When you ask a simple question, you expect a simple answer.

You get impatient when others just won't get to the point and insist on giving you all the detail. To save time, you may not finish your sentences or thoughts and might even give people the answers to your own question so you can save time!

You can be perceived as impatient. Because you are high energy, this can be exhausting for your team and they can find it hard to keep up with your latest great idea.

You’re amazing at bringing people together and getting them super excited about getting things done.

Your big challenge?

Sometimes your enthusiasm can feel a little bit like pressure to other people… And when it feels like you might not succeed, you sometimes find it difficult to follow through.

It’s time to slow it down

using these 3 simple strategies

1. Plan your work in stages. This will require you to sit down, think and focus. Use your calendar to book focus time for your tasks and gift yourself self-discipline. I call these "Earth tasks" i.e. bring yourself back to earth, get grounded and think! To help you focus, I recommend listening to concentration music from YouTube or Calm. If you make this a ritual, you will give your brain a new habit.

2. Activate your greatest weapon. Curiosity! When others begin explaining things to you, allow them to finish before interruption. Get curious and think "What if 10% of what they are saying is useful?" You never know, they might just have a valid point and you might learn something that will help you.

3. Give yourself a break! You’re killing it in life and work. Take some time to practice yoga, meditation or deep breathing techniques. I highly recommend the app Calm. By practicing these techniques, you will program your mind to slow down. You are not being lazy or unproductive by doing this. Sometimes you gotta slow down to speed up.

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