#131 3 Things I’ve Done to 10X my Overall Health & Wellbeing

The 360 Leadhership Podcast, Episode 131, 26 June 2024 by Lucy Gernon

Do you neglect your overall health and well being?

If you’re a female in a leadership role and you have family commitments too, the answer is most likely YES.

So many women that I work with struggle with putting themselves first and if I’m really honest – I do at times as well.

A massive part of 3SIXTY Leaders club is about creating time for 360 degree of success  – and prioritizing health, nutrition and exercise are crucial. 

A lot of women in leadership do struggle with tending to those areas which is why today I am delving into 3 things that I do each week that have had a profound impact on my overall health and wellbeing. 

One of them is a little bit unconventional – but I think if you get it, you’re going to thank me later

Tune in to discover: 

  • My favourite time-saving hack for busy women in the kitchen
  • Tips and tricks for incorporating more movement into your week
  • A “thank me later’ unconventional office addition that you will want to share with everyone!

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