# Why 3SIXTY Leaders Club is an “Absolute Game changer” for Women in Leadership [According to Our Members!]

The 360 Leadhership Podcast, Episode , 24 May 2024 by Lucy Gernon

What would it feel like if you could eliminate imposter syndrome and feel 100% more confident in your abilities at work? 

If you had more time to switch off without feeling guilty and be fully present with your family.

Imagine having a place to go when you urgently need advice and a community of like-minded women who make you feel less alone?

This is EXACTLY what our members have achieved and guess what? 

You can too.

In this exclusive bonus episode, I wanted to drop in to share with you what actually happens behind the scenes at 3SIXTY, straight from some of our wonderful members and what makes it different from any other course on the market for Women in leadership.

In this episode you will hear from: 

A formidable woman who has overcome burnout to become an incredible role model for her children and team.

A Mom of two who has recently been promoted to director level and how believing in and investing in herself has been a game changer.

An inspiring engineer who leverages the strength of the community, frameworks and tools which she calls the “golden key”

PLUS, I answer your burning questions about 3SIXTY that have been coming through as we get ready to welcome our next  cohort of 3SIXTY Members

Tune in to discover:

  • What actually is 3SIXTY Leaders Club? 
  • Why our members say it’s been a gamechanger in their career and life
  • What makes 3SIXTY unique and why it’s better than any leadership course on the market – even an MBA!
  • What do you actually get when you join?
  • How you can apply 

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