#117 Juggling Homework and Home-Office: A Parent’s Guide to Balancing Work and Family

The 360 Leadhership Podcast, Episode 117, 20 March 2024 by Lucy Gernon

Are you struggling to balance work and family life?

Balancing the demands of a career and family can feel like trying to spin plates while walking a tightrope. Especially if, like many of us, you’re working from home with kids in tow. It’s a challenge that can leave you feeling like you’re constantly falling short, wondering if you’re giving your best at work, as a parent, and in managing your home.

Aside from the big title and role you have in the professional world, I am also just a mother of 3 so I know firsthand the struggle of trying to juggle all the balls. Deadlines, meetings, and then there’s the endless demands of being a parent – it’s enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed. But give yourself some credit. You’re doing way better than you think you are.

That’s why I decided to get into this week’s episode. I’ll be sharing some practical strategies I’ve learned along the way to help you effectively manage the balancing act.

Whether you’re dealing with younger children or tackling the unique challenges of parenting teenagers, I’ve got tips tailored to make your life a little easier.

So grab a cuppa and let’s navigate this wild ride of remote work and parenting together.

Tune in to discover:

💻 Strategies for effectively managing work and family responsibilities while working from home

🖍️ Tips for creating a workspace for younger children within your home office

🧹 How to involve older children in household chores and office tasks

📝 The importance of setting realistic expectations for yourself and prioritising the tasks that are most important

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