#113 Breaking Through to Senior Director within 22 Days With Confidence

The 360 Leadhership Podcast, Episode 113, 21 February 2024 by Lucy Gernon

Are you struggling to break through to the next level at work?

Having worked with countless women in leadership roles over the last number of years there’s one common theme I see that holds women back from reaching their potential – their own confidence.

Why is it that as women despite our education achievements and ambitions we often still don’t feel we’re good enough? Is it society? maybe it’s in our internal beliefs? or a combination of both.

Regardless, the only way to break through to your next level of success is to work on your mindset.Own your worth. Believe in your abilities and the gifts you bring to your company and above all, own who you are, quirks and all!

Recently, one of our 3SIXTY Leaders Club members applied for a Senior Director role within her organisation. She was in the middle of a long interview process and after her first interview,  on one of our coaching calls, she shared that she was doubting herself. She knew she hadn’t done herself justice.

Now when I hear self-doubt, I spring into action! This is my favourite kind of support to give – as helping you to see your amazingness is my superpower!

So I shared some tools with her to help, resulting in her leaving our coaching feeling more confident and 22 days later she had been promoted to Senior director! The VP who interviewed her said he noticed a shift in her confidence between interview one and three, which she attributes to some of the tools I shared.

In this week’s episode of the podcast,this lovely lady has given me permission to share but her identity will remain anonymous.

Tune in to discover: 

🤩 How to overcome self-doubt and believe in your own abilities.

🌟 Tools and strategies to help you own your worth and be confident in your leadership abilities.

🚀 How to showcase your strengths and value during job interviews.

✨ The importance of authenticity and owning your unique qualities as a leader.

🔧 A real-life example of how a 3SIXTY Member used these tools to overcome self-doubt and get promoted 

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