#114 Career Progression Formula: 11% Pay Raise, Headcount Approval, and Boss’s Successor in Under 6 Months

The 360 Leadhership Podcast, Episode 114, 28 February 2024 by Lucy Gernon

Wondering how to get the recognition and opportunities you deserve?

While it’s common to blame companies for the gender pay gap, it’s essential to acknowledge our own worth and embrace a mindset shift and in my experience working with ambitious women in leadership positions, I’ve seen firsthand the remarkable impact of positive mindset and confidence in reshaping careers and lives.

That’s why on this week’s episode, I share another inspiring story from one of my star clients who applied all the tools and strategies I taught her. She did the mindset work, stepped out of her comfort zone, worked on her leadership and committed to strategic efforts.

The result? An 11% off-cycle pay increase with an amazing long-term incentive grant, permission to build a new team and a solid path to Director where she has been named as her boss’s successor. I mean come on! 

This wasn’t magic, it was pure grit and dedication. No fancy degrees, no secret family fortune, just a hardworking woman like any of us, juggling careers and families. She was just as busy as you are, but she carved out time to invest in herself. And it bloody paid off. So when I say she’s “not special,” I mean she’s just like us, with the same potential and the same chance to rock her world. The difference? She put in the work.

So take this client’s success story as a reminder: you’ve got this! Own your journey, invest in yourself, and watch your career dreams take flight. 

Tune in to discover: 

🔑 The key strategies that drove my client’s remarkable success.

🧠 The importance of a success mindset and solid personal practices 

💥 Being strategic when seeking headcount approval 

👩🏼‍💼 The crucial role internal mentors and coaches play in career acceleration 

💬 Effective strategies for communicating your value to your employer.

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