#106 5 Powerful Questions To Clarify Your Leadership Career Goals for 2024 [*MUST LISTEN*]

The 360 Leadhership Podcast, Episode 106, 03 January 2024 by Lucy Gernon

Are you clear on your career goals for 2024? If not, this episode of the The 360 LeadHERship Podcast will be a game changer for you.

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine the other day, we were just talking about how much success we both created in a short space of time. We chatted about how life isn’t a dress rehearsal and we  don’t get a second shot.

We were also discussing how lack of career clarity can be a big challenge for many people, which stops them from progressing in leadership careers. This prompted me to record this podcast, sharing 5 questions to support you to gain clarity fast.

If you have been following me for a while now, you know that I am all about success, balance, and happiness. You do not have to work yourself to the bone in order to progress in your leadership career success. In fact, that is not how successful people truly operate. But you DO need to know what you want and how to get there.

Whether you’re looking for new opportunities or just figuring out what you want from 2024, you’re in the right place.

So listen to this podcast episode now to discover five powerful questions to support you to get clear on what you want from your leadership career in 2024. 

Tune in to discover: 

  • The Power of Setting Goals and Discovering Your Life Purpose
  • How to Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs by Doing This.
  • The #1 Thing You Must Do to Progress in Your Leadership Career
  • How can you overcome obstacles to reach your career goals?

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