#123 How I Got Featured in Forbes (And How You Can Increase Visibility Too!)

The 360 Leadhership Podcast, Episode 123, 01 May 2024 by Lucy Gernon

Today on the podcast I am going to be sharing my story about how I got featured in Forbes because it’s probably one of the top questions I’m asked! But more importantly, I want to share with you the five steps that I took to actually make this happen.

Becoming featured in Forbes was on my vision board from day one – and I did it! Dreaming of seeing your name in Forbes.

So, in this episode, I spilled the beans on my journey, offering actionable tips to help YOU achieve the same! The strategies I share can also be used to boost your visibility and gain new career opportunities too, so it’s not an episode you want to miss. 

Get ready as I share how you too can increase your visibility and propel your career forward!

Tune in to discover: 

🤫 How I landed my coveted feature in Forbes

🚫 How to transform “no”s into stepping stones on your path to career acceleration. 

🚀 5 actionable steps to skyrocket your visibility and become a recognized thought leader too 

🔗 The power of building genuine connections 

🌟 The mindset shifts that empower you to silence negativity and claim your space as a leader.

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