#129 Influencing Up: Get Seen and Heard Using the Magnetic Influence Method

The 360 Leadhership Podcast, Episode 129, 12 June 2024 by Lucy Gernon

Are you tired of feeling like your ideas are falling on deaf ears?

You want to be seen as a high performer who can lead effortlessly at a senior level 

Someone who can bring people along with her vision and make a big impact and influence change..

But what do you do when people are just not listening?

It can feel deflating, frustrating and even stressful. 

I hear it a lot from women in leadership roles that they find it hard to be seen and heard in their companies which results in a lot of stress and frustration

So based on my knowledge of NLP, human psychology and sales techniques, I have created a method, I call the magnetic influence method to help. 

I usually only teach this in 3sixty leaders club and corporates, and for the first time, you’re getting it for free on the podcast, so you can influence and across with confidence

 This method is designed to help you be seen and heard in any setting, even with those senior stakeholders who usually talk over you! 

Don’t miss out — tune in to the full episode to discover how the Magnetic Influence Method can elevate your impact and influence!

Tune in to discover: 

  • The tunnel of trust and why this is KEY to influencing up.
  • The # 1 thing you need to activate in the stakeholder to get your point heard 
  • The 6 critical questions to ask yourself before influencing anyone

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