#59 5 Strategies to Boost Your Confidence at Work

The 360 Leadhership Podcast, Episode 59, 08 February 2023 by Lucy Gernon

Do you ever doubt yourself and your abilities as a leader?

You are successful for a reason. You would not be where you are today if you were not competent and an expert within your field. People rely on you and respect your opinion on different aspects of the job and you have received countless amounts of praise in your reviews.

You’re seen as the go to person who solves problems, you’re liked by your colleagues and your team.

All of the above are major positives, yet sometimes you doubt yourself, your abilities and find it hard to manage the negative voice in your head. All of this can lead to you losing any confidence you may have had prior. More responsibility equals more stress and doubt because your decisions affect more than just you.

Can you relate?

I am here today to tell you that you are absolutely not alone. Believe it or not, even the most outwardly confident people doubt themselves. So it is time to stop focusing on what you are not doing and the things you don’t know and start focusing on what you do know. When you operate within your strengths, and you’re in your zone of genius, you will feel happier, and you will definitely feel more confident.

It’s human to doubt yourself. Everyone wants to do well in order to lead their team to great things and leave a legacy for their name. But even the most competent and successful leaders are only human. The key is not to allow this negative mindset to take over. Push yourself, because every time you feel doubt, or every time you lack confidence, it’s a call to grow.

You will never speak to anyone as much as you do in your own head. So you’ve got to start being more kind and compassionate with yourself. You’ve got to start being your own cheerleader, you’ve got to start realising that you have all the resources within you to do anything you want.

Build your confidence and have more belief in yourself and your abilities by listening to this week’s episode of The Powerhouse Revolution Podcast.

Remember, you’re capable of amazing things.

Here’s the episode at a glance:

[04:48] How faking confidence may actually help you be more confident

Changing just this ONE bad habit will change your life

Why having a mentor is key

[09:23] A simple decision making technique to use in times of self-doubt

If you know somebody  that struggles with their confidence, I would really appreciate it if you could forward them this episode. Give them the gift of encouragement, give them the gift of knowledge and this could even open up conversation between the two of you on a path forward to a more confident, happier life.

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