#79 How to Create a Buzz Around Your Women’s ERG Events and 5 Essential Steps to Increase Turnout and Engagement

The 360 Leadhership Podcast, Episode 79, 28 June 2023 by Lucy Gernon

Want to make your Women’s Employee Resource Group (ERG) events unforgettable?

ERG events are the perfect opportunity to foster inclusivity, empower women, and drive meaningful change within the workplace. But without proper planning and promotion, these events may not receive the attendance and engagement they deserve. This is a common challenge faced by Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) in organisations.

By learning how to create a buzz around your Women’s ERG events and implementing essential steps to increase turnout and engagement, you can maximise the impact of your events and create a positive ripple effect throughout your organisation.

A couple of weeks ago In episode 77, I shared four important reasons why investing in your team needs to be a top priority. An ERG is an amazing first step in doing just that.

When you prioritise your team’s development by identifying their strengths and weaknesses, and providing targeted training and growth opportunities, you empower them to reach their full potential. This creates an environment where every team member can thrive.

But what if there’s crickets instead of cheers, and people view it as more of a burden than a game-changer?

Join me in Episode 79 of The Powerhouse Revolution Podcast as I guide you through 5 easy and actionable steps to address these challenges head on all the way from your vision to your marketing.

And because I’m soooo nice – I’ll give you a sneak peek of three of these game-changing strategies right now. But don’t stop there — tune in to Episode 79 for the full collection of all five strategies that will change your approach forever.

Step 1: Get Clear on Your Mission and Vision

The first step to building a successful women’s ERG is to establish a clear mission and vision. This clarity will attract individuals who resonate with your purpose, creating a sense of community. Avoid the mistake of hosting events without a clear purpose, as it leads to confusion and disengagement.

By understanding your ERG’s mission and vision, you can align decisions with your company’s values and create a focused approach to achieving your goals. Setting objectives and linking them to key performance indicators (KPIs) ensures that your efforts are recognised and valued.

Step 2: Create a Powerful Brand

Brands aren’t limited to companies like Gucci or Coca-Cola; they extend to your Women’s Network or ERG too.

Building a strong brand for your Women’s Network is essential for standing out and attracting members. Your brand represents the values and messages you want to communicate to your audience and organisation. While many companies lack a well-established brand for their ERGs, investing in this area can yield amazing benefits.

Struggling to create a powerful brand? Luckily, I can help! We can organise an incredible workshop that receives fantastic feedback from your entire committee. During this workshop, we’ll work together to clarify your mission, vision, values, messaging, and all the essential aspects.

We’ll cover your objectives, create a well-planned calendar, and ensure no detail is left untouched. If you’re interested in learning more about this workshop, feel free to reach out to me at www.lucygernon.com/contact.

Step 3: Survey Your Audience

You need to make sure you are providing relevant and valuable content! So that is where a good old fashioned survey comes in. By genuinely understanding the needs and interests of the women at your site or within your organisation, you can tailor your events to suit them. Don’t make assumptions and instead directly ask for their input through strategically crafted survey questions.

In my workshop, I provide you with a comprehensive set of questions that are strategically designed, similar to those I use for my own business’s market research. These questions have been carefully adapted for women’s networks, so they are ready to go when we meet.

Now, you might be wondering, “Lucy, will anyone actually fill out the survey? How do you get them to engage? People are busy and might not care.” Not a problem, I can teach you effective methods and strategies that will truly engage your audience and ensure their active participation. So make sure to get in touch and learn these valuable techniques.

Here’s the episode at a glance:

[04:07] The Intriguing Story Behind Why Lucy is Qualified to Teach You This (skip to 8.50 if you want to get straight to the 5 essential steps)

[8.50] The Importance of Being Clear on your Mission, Vision and KPI’s to Get Credit for Your Efforts

[11:22] How To Craft a Compelling Brand for Your Women’s Network to Boost Engagement

[16:20] The Best Kept Secret To A Successful ERG Event

[19:56] Do This One Thing To Get You and Your Committee Noticed By Senior Leaders

Want to book me for your next team building event or ERG?

I offer inspiring virtual workshops and motivational in person talks to suit your needs covering topics in the areas of well-being, mindset, leadership, productivity and female empowerment. I have a list of topics to choose from or my services can be bespoke.

I’d love to support you. Get in touch through www.lucygernon.com/contact.

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