#99 Unlocking Your Leadership Potential: 5 Reasons You Might Be Falling Behind

The 360 Leadhership Podcast, Episode 99, 15 November 2023 by Lucy Gernon

Have you become stagnant in your leadership career?

That’s ok if you do, we all stumble at times, unintentionally hindering our own growth. Drawing from my extensive corporate leadership experience and as a guide to countless remarkable women through my private VIP coaching sessions and the incredible members of the 3SIXTY Leaders Club; I am here to support you to unlock your potential.

You see, life only gives us one chance to make a meaningful impression on the world. Every individual, including you, holds an abundance of hidden potential, but sometimes we find ourselves lagging or holding back.

As a Multi-Award Winning Executive Coach who has had the honour of guiding countless remarkable women, from senior managers to executive leaders, I have witnessed ALL the ways women hold themselves back and given them my proven strategies to accelerate their career.

In this episode, you’ll uncover 5 BIG reasons why you might be falling behind in your leadership career and ways to overcome them.

Here are the first 3 reasons that stop you striving for more senior roles with larger scope of responsibility:


Fear can be a major roadblock. Whether it’s the fear of making mistakes, feeling inadequate, or worrying about others’ opinions, it’s a natural response. But without the right tools to overcome it, fear can stall your decision-making, cause missed opportunities at work, and hold you back from roles you are capable of.


You may tend to say “yes” to everything due to your commitment to your organisation, but this often stems from insecurity. I’m here to remind you that setting boundaries is not only okay but essential for your well-being and success. It’s about taking control and ensuring your personal and professional life align with your true self. I love teaching my clients how to set boundaries and holding them accountable to actually taking action.


Conflict management is a vital leadership and life skill. Many women I work with fear conflict, but I see it as a conversation to resolve. Labelling conflict as communication can dissipate the negative energy associated with it. Effective conflict management is crucial for successful leadership and relationships so you instigate and drive healthy conflict to overcome obstacles FAST.

If you’ve reached this point, congrats!

You’ve just discovered three reasons you might be falling behind on your leadership potential. To get the scoop on the final two, tune in to Episode 99 of The 360 LeadHership podcast.

Here’s the episode at a glance:

[3:26] Lucy’s BIG Mission: Supporting Women in Leadership

[6:58] ONE thing that will paralyse your decision making until you do THIS

[8:18] Want to accelerate your career? Try these two simple things

[12:07] REVEALED: The BIGGEST obstacle to your career acceleration

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