#58 3 Easy Ways to Form Powerful Friendships with Women Leaders Just Like You

The 360 Leadhership Podcast, Episode 58, 01 February 2023 by Lucy Gernon

Do you ever get stuck in your own head and wish you could gain different perspectives from women in similar roles?

You are not alone. You started your leadership career with big ambitions and an even bigger heart, but it can be hard. In your position, many of your days may consist of back to back calls, dealing with corporate politics and performance issues creating a stressful environment.

Some days you might feel overwhelmed like you’re the only woman with a seat at the table and constantly feel like you need to prove yourself, comparing yourself to others successes.

You may find yourself on early morning or late night calls to accommodate the business needs, or work in different time zones so you’re adapting your own needs or even your families to accommodate teams in different regions.

And it can be tough, right?

One thing is for certain, the climb up the ladder can be lonely. It can be Isolating at the top and all you may need is somebody to talk to that can relate to these pressures.  It is important to have a community or network of people who are like you, or in different phases of growth to you that you can learn from, inspire and teach.

Recently, I invested in a mastermind group, because I want to accelerate my success and I now have a circle of amazing women from different industries, different backgrounds, who understand what I’m going through. And honestly, it’s been a game changer for me just to be in that community. I now have a space to learn and grow and vent with other women leaders which seriously results in less stress and more success. We celebrate each other too which makes us all feel great when the going gets tough.

Research has shown that the most successful people in the world do not do it alone.

In episode 58 of the Powerhouse Revolution Podcast, I’m going to share firstly, why it’s so important to form bonds and connections with like minded women leaders. Then I’m going to share three easy ways that you can make more friends just like you to support you through those bad days and celebrate with you on the good days.

And finally, I share details about my exciting, brand new Powerhouse Elite Mastermind for ambitious women from Director to Executive level. You won’t want to miss this.

Here’s the episode at a glance:

[04:31] The importance of building a strong network of similar women

[11:00] 3 ways to form powerful partnerships with other women in leadership

[12:33] The exciting benefits of a joining a mastermind group

[14:14] The best investment you can make in yourself right now

If you want to learn more about Powerhouse Elite Mastermind where you will only be a message away from a group of like minded supportive women in senior leadership roles to encourage uplift and inspire you, DM me the word ELITE on Instagram or on LinkedIn.

Or you can send me an email at lucy@lucygernon.com with the word ELITE and I can explain how this will improve your life.

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