#82 5 Steps to handle your Micromanager Boss and Take Back Control

The 360 Leadhership Podcast, Episode 82, 19 July 2023 by Lucy Gernon

Is your boss a micromanager?

It can be so disheartening when someone strips away your autonomy and attempts to have control over your work, especially at your level.

Micromanagement can make people feel undervalued and unable to utilise their skills and knowledge effectively.

But let me ask you this: have you ever taken a moment to consider the pressures faced by micromanagers and how their past experiences shape their behaviour?

Take it from an ex micromanager – understanding the reasons behind their actions and learning how to deal with them will lift a weight off your shoulders and allow you to regain control.

Micromanagers may experience feelings of insecurity, fear of making mistakes, or a constant need for reassurance about their performance. Not only that but past negative experiences could be a reason they find it hard to trust others.

Approaching this situation with a mix of compassion and confidence is so important. As I explain in depth in episode 40, managing down is easy, but managing up can be tough.

Here are some practical tips for dealing with a micromanager.

Tip 1: Open Dialogue and Honest Communication

Start by having a conversation with your boss. Schedule a meeting and approach the discussion with respect and professionalism. Explain how their micromanagement is affecting you and your productivity.

Clearly express your need for more independence to carry out your responsibilities effectively. Remember, open communication is crucial to resolving the situation.

Tip 2: Establish Clear Expectations

Micromanagers often lack trust in their employees, which leads to the need for control. You can overcome this by clearly communicating your expectations for your work and regularly updating your progress without them needing to ask.

By doing this, you show competence and they have time to build their confidence in you. During the conversation, clarify how frequently they would like to receive updates. This helps establish boundaries and gives you some breathing space.

Tip 3: Establishing Boundaries for Balance

If your boss is eating into personal time or assigning tasks that are beyond your scope, it’s important to set boundaries. Have an open conversation, letting them know you are committed to the company goals but also emphasising the need for work-life balance.

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Here’s the episode at a glance:

[03:28] Discover what’s REALLY happening in the mind of a micromanager

[07:26] 5 Proven Strategies to get your boss off your back (which make you look good)

[09:41] The Secret to Setting Boundaries So You Feel Less Frazzled

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