#19 How to Make Work More Human with Jay Chopra

The 360 Leadhership Podcast, Episode 19, 04 May 2022 by Lucy Gernon

If you can’t be yourself, who can you be?

Do you bring your true self to work or do you find it hard to be authentic as a leader and a woman?

Today my guest Jay Chopra breaks down exactly what it means to make work more human and talks us through how to do this.

Our missions are actually quite complementary as Jay is an organizational development consultant on a mission to make work more human and mine is to shift corporate culture through empowering and supporting female leaders.

I want you to know that you’re enough. I want you to know that you are valued and that it’s OK to be yourself and just be human.

From my own perspective, as I always tell you:
If you can’t be yourself who can you be? People connect with people, not some aspirational leader figure you have conjured up in your head. Your team want to see the real, vulnerable you because this makes them feel safe and they’ll know that it’s okay for them to be themselves too.

Jay and I had a great conversation and we agree wholeheartedly on one thing:
When you take care of your people they will take care of your business.

Want some tips on how to do this? Have a look at this cheat sheet below: The 4 C’s to empowerment by Jay Chopra.

So sit back relax and enjoy this insightful conversation with the inspirational Jay Chopra.

Here’s the episode at a glance:

  • [06:30] What is the ‘Great Resignation’ and why is it happening?

  • [09:14]  The four things companies must do to retain employees

  • [21:57] What does it mean to make work more human?

  • [27:00] As leaders, how do we shift the corporate culture from the top down?

  • [32:48] Top three tips as a leader to drive your team to success

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