#52 How to Set and Achieve Career Goals for 2023

The 360 Leadhership Podcast, Episode 52, 21 December 2022 by Lucy Gernon

We all set goals, but how can we actually ACHIEVE them?

‘New year, new me’ – We have all said it at one point and to steal a line from Beauty and The Beast – it is a tale as old as time.

Setting goals at the end of the year only to break the new habit come January, or realise you never actually achieved what you wanted to is a situation most of us have been in. It’s hard when there are so many other things that consume your mind in both your professional and personal life. Sometimes it’s easy to fall back into old habits.

If you want to change, you must create actionable, realistic and small steps.

And don’t think small – think big! You CAN get that promotion. YOU CAN save enough to go on your dream holiday. YOU CAN create your own business based on your passion – all with the right strategies and support in place.

As women, we tend to underestimate ourselves. You may have career goals in mind you want to hit but they are always put on the back burner because you tend to put everyone else, your family, your friends, the team you manage and their needs before your own.

But it is time to stop with the limiting beliefs and putting yourself down. Develop a growth mindset. Play full out in 2023. Understand that when you get crystal clear on what you want, focus on how you’re going to actually achieve it, and put your own development first, you can achieve literally anything.

So whether it’s a promotion, better work life balance,a lateral move, increased visibility, or working on a big project so you can leave a legacy behind – make it happen!

Stop playing small because nobody else is going to believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself.

But how can I do this I hear you ask?

I’ve got you covered. Listen to this short episode of The Powerhouse Revolution Podcast for 3 tips on how to set and achieve career goals for 2023.

Here’s episode at a glance:

[2:40] Why confidence is everything when it comes to achieving goals

[4:26] How to utilise my free goal planner to achieve something amazing in just 30-days.

[5:47]  How to actually commit to your goals and change your life

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