#39 Owning your worth with money mindset expert Denise McGarry

The 360 Leadhership Podcast, Episode 39, 21 September 2022 by Lucy Gernon

Appreciating your personal value and self-worth is critical to success in the corporate space as a woman.

You are an asset to your company and your team’s results and achievements will showcase that.

Unfortunately, in some instances, there is still a gap between the genders when it comes to men’s and women’s salaries for the same roles.

This leaves many women leaders feeling as though they do not get paid what they deserve or are not valued as much as their male counterparts.

But remember – you have a right to negotiate your salary based on your performance.

Furthermore, what if I told you a lot of your limitations in work come from your own mindset.

Self-worth is important within your role and so is how to determine it. You sometimes forget that you deserve to get paid what you are worth, and, instead, you blindly accept what you are given.

It is so important to cultivate an understanding of your worth and communicate it to your respective employer to ensure that your value is sufficiently rewarded and respected.

If you want to change how you’re seen at work, and how you’re valued by your company, it all starts with you owning your worth and valuing yourself.

But how? Today on the podcast, I have an amazing money mindset expert Denise McGarry to give you some tips and tricks to own your worth and value yourself.

It’s a good one! Enjoy

The episode at a glance:

  • [03:13] What is your ‘money mindset’?

  • [08:05] How you can ask for a pay rise and actually get it

  • [10:48] How to articulate your value to your boss

  • [15:12] Tips for shifting your mindset so you’re more successful

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We all need a reminder every now and again about how amazing we really are.