#56 Managing Your Emotions at Work with Jay Fields

The 360 Leadhership Podcast, Episode 56, 18 January 2023 by Lucy Gernon

Would you like to learn how to better handle your emotions in work?

You are a leader. You manage a team. You not only have to deal with other people’s problems everyday, but you often put your own issues aside in order to make sure everyone else has what they need for the business or project to run smoothly.

KPI’s and hitting those career goals are always on your mind – but no time for that! Because there’s a new fire to put out everyday, never mind the back to back meetings you find yourself in so you are unable to actually get your own work done. You have requests from senior management, stakeholders, your team and even your own mother all coming at once.

And then “Susan”, that one coworker you just don’t click with, passes a comment on one of your projects and you might just want to snap. Or you have a conversation with your boss and you feel yourself welling up with tears or boiling with frustration.

It’s exhausting.

Women in leadership sometimes find it difficult to manage stress, and hormones in your body play a big part in that as well.

Sometimes we can get triggered when we’re told we’re too emotional. Because of your position, you want to be seen as strong and resilient. Not weak or too sensitive. And maybe you have tried to compensate by changing how you come across to people by being hard and edgy.

This episode of The Powerhouse Revolution podcast has a special guest. Jay Fields is an embodiment coach, and she really helps people tune into their body so that they can love who they are and become the best version of themselves for both themselves and their relationships.

Today we will be discussing how to handle your emotions at work.

Here’s the episode at a glance:

[06:06] What is the difference between your emotions running you and you running them?

[09:42] How emotions are a powerful force for creating trust

[13:06] How to deal with your inner critic when you’re feeling stressed

[23:13] 3 practical tips for managing your emotions

[25:17] What role do hormones play when it comes to menopause?

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