#27 Overcoming Work Challenges Using a Lilo Mindset

The 360 Leadhership Podcast, Episode 27, 29 June 2022 by Lucy Gernon

How to manage stress and overwhelm at work as a woman in a leadership role

Do you ever feel like you’re on the verge of drowning at work and wish you had a lilo to keep you afloat?

Everyone has those particular days at work where everything seems that extra bit more overwhelming.

Most days, you can cope with the challenges but sometimes, it all seems too much.

For example, when you’re learning something new like transitioning into a new role or dealing with a new way of working and there is a lot of uncertainty. These professional challenges can cause your days to feel really overwhelming.

You may be stressed, anxious and feel like you’re not in control.

I can relate to that.

That is why I developed what I call a LILO Mindset to help restore calm and order in my mind on those days when things feel too much

Stress is what happens when you’re out of your comfort zone and where your ability to cope is challenged.

With the Lilo mindset, leave those overwhelming days behind and learn the best way to manage your feelings and restore inner order.

Then, you can unleash that high-achieving, confident and powerful woman leader that lies inside.

Here’s the episode at a glance:

[02:47] What happens in your mind when you are in a state of fear or uncertainty

[04:50] How a LILO mindset will help you feel calm

[08:28] 4 steps to implementing a LILO mindset

This is the exact post it I look at every day to remind me to adopt a LILO mindset! You’ve got to listen to this podcast episode, it will be so helpful for you in times of overwhelm xx

When you are triggered or stressed, your brain releases neurochemicals into the bloodstream, triggering your fight, flight or freeze response.

But remember, stress is a state of mind. Change your mindset, you change everything.

Listen now to a simple but powerful tool that will change your life!