#31 The Life-Changing Magic of Gratitude Practice

The 360 Leadhership Podcast, Episode 31, 27 July 2022 by Lucy Gernon

Did you know tha t practicing gratitude makes you happier? There are many benefits to being grateful.

You’re a busy woman, there are a lot of things going on in your life at all times. But what if I told you that when you practice gratitude, you see a significant shift in your mindset and mood?

As humans, we tend to more quickly focus on the negative aspects of our lives – everything we don’t have. The car we want, the body we want, the money we want.

But when you do this, you come from a place of scarcity and lack. You are not going to be in your creative/innovative zone or feel good about yourself. You deserve to feel your best. Life is short and you don’t want to focus on things that do not bring you abundance or happiness.

Today’s podcast covers how to implement a gratitude practice into your life and I share research to back it up.

The episode at a glance:

[01:40] Gratitude in practice: How it can shift your mindset

[03:42] What exactly is gratitude and how can it change your life?

[07:41] 3 great ways to practice gratitude

Remember, gratitude is the key to happiness.