#84 5 Tips to Stop Procrastinating Work-Tasks You Dread [Fast]

The 360 Leadhership Podcast, Episode 84, 02 August 2023 by Lucy Gernon

Have you ever found yourself procrastinating on tasks you dislike?

It might be putting your goals into your performance management system, preparing a business case for more resources or crunching data you really don’t want to crunch.

If you’re nodding your head– you need to read on!

We’ve all been there, whether it’s due to a lack of motivation, fear of failure, or simply not enjoying certain tasks, this is totally normal… even for women leaders are your level.

But, you and both know procrastination only leads to working longer hours, not being present with loved ones and that feeling of incomplete work that lingers in the back of your mind.

Can you relate?

As a Multi-Award Winning Executive Coach and ex-procrastinator who is a productivity queen, I am here to help!

I’m excited to share 5 tips that have helped me overcome procrastination in episode 84 of The Powerhouse Revolution Podcast.

If you know me from my podcast or social media, you’ll know that finances have never been my strong suit. Crunching numbers, spreadsheets, and line items are not my cup of tea. I would rather watch paint dry!

However, in both my previous corporate role and now running my own business, dealing with finances became an unavoidable responsibility. It drained my energy and created a mental block.

So, I had to come up with strategies to tackle this procrastination monster head-on.

I’m sharing these strategies with you because I know as a leader, you are juggling so much and finding ways to overcome procrastination is essential for maintaining productivity and achieving success.

Here are 3 tips to get you started:

Tip 1: Delegate Like a Pro

One game-changing approach is to delegate tasks whenever possible.

We often fall into the belief that we must do everything ourselves, but that’s simply not true. If a task drains your energy and doesn’t align with your strengths, it’s time to hand it over.

Seek opportunities for delegation, whether it’s through outsourcing to experts or redistributing responsibilities within your team. Embrace collaboration and let go of tasks that don’t bring you joy.

Action: Identify energy-draining tasks or tasks you’re simply not good at and explore delegation options. There is definitely someone on your team who loves what you hate- who are they?

Tip 2: Create a Fresh Environment

When your regular workspace becomes a breeding ground for procrastination, it’s essential to break away from the routine.

Try new environments that inspire creativity and motivation. Whether it’s finding a cozy coffee shop, a vibrant co-working space, or a serene spot in nature, changing your surroundings can help shift your mindset and unleash your productivity superpowers.

Personally, I love to go to my local coffee shop or else I’ll tidy my office, light a candle and make it feel special. Anything to make me get the damn thing done!

Action: Experiment with different work environments to find the one that invigorates your focus and inspires your productivity. Even moving to your kitchen from your office or a different office at work adds a little freshness to an otherwise stale working space.

Tip 3: Boost Focus with Music

Get ready to groove your way into heightened productivity by incorporating concentration music into your work routine.

Personally I love to listen to alpha waves or piano instrumental tracks that promote focus and clarity. But you may prefer 90’s dance or a bit of soft rock, whatever works for you. When you put on your headphones or slip in those AirPods, your brain will receive a clear signal—it’s time to get into work mode. Say goodbye to distractions and hello to a harmonious work atmosphere.

Action: Decide what music or sound waves you’ll try the next time. Personally, I recommend going into YouTube and typing in “concentration music” and you’ll find something that works for you. What will you try?

Did these tips help? If they did, I’ve got good news.

Listen to episode 84 of The Powerhouse Revolution Podcast to discover two more game-changing strategies just for you! These strategies will give you fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to tackle those tasks you dislike.

Can you guess what they are?

I’lll give you a hint.

One of them involves a powerful technique used by Oprah, Beyonce and Albert Einstein to achieve their goals.

Curious to unlock the key to better productivity?

Tune in now.

Here’s the episode at a glance:

[03:05] The #1 mindset shift that will transform how you approach tasks

[05:34] Discover the surprising location guaranteed to boost productivity

[07:10] A little-known secret to procrastination fast

[08:41] The Number 1 Tip Used By Albert Einstein to Unlock Your Greatness

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