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“Working with Lucy has allowed me to prioritise myself.”

“I learned additional tools to lead my team, build connections with other like minded women and empowered me to think about my brand and my career objectives in a whole new way. Working with Lucy has allowed me to prioritise myself - not just career wise but my personal life too. It’s been phenomenal.”

Claire Doyle, Operations Director & SLT Member, Pharma

“Lucy is the best coach I’ve ever had.”

“My lack of work-life balance and confidence was impacting how I showed up for my job and my team were feeling it too. After a few short weeks, I now have more self-belief and trust in myself. I learned tools to let go of self-doubt, be a better leader, get more organised and control that internal judge I’ve battled with for years. Thank you so so much.”

Jayne Delahunt, Director Customer Enablement EMEA. Docusign

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Meet Francheska, Senior Global Leader, Tech Company

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Meet Gráinne, Global Quality Manager, Tech Industry

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Meet Liz Morrissey, CEO and Founder of Multiple Businesses

“You won't regret taking this step to invest in yourself.”

“I began working with Lucy this year but had thought about it on and off for about 4-6mons previously. Did I need it? Didn't I? It was the best move I made. Lucy is so approachable and creates such a safe space to be vulnerable in that I can't describe how much I've benefitted from it. I struggled a lot with imposter syndrome, inner critic, inability to set boundaries - working with Lucy has helped me tackle these head on and I haven't looked back since. I have found a new confident me that was lurking in the background. While I always thought I had a great work life balance (finishing at a reasonable time) - I may have physically been there but definitely not present. Implementing the tools Lucy has given me has meant I've set boundaries physically but also mentally have parked work at work and my frame of mind at home is completely different. Its been wonderful.”

Laura Harvey, Associate Director, Technical Operations, Medical Device

“Being a member of 3SIXTY has really helped me.”

“Having Lucy & the group in my corner has really motivated me to take control of some tricky situations and resolve them quickly and effectively. I have also been able to utilise some of the tools when talking to another colleague who was experiencing a difficult phase at work - example of using the DAD method to define and defend boundaries. I'd highly recommend joining.”

Niamh Byrne, Manufacturer Director, CMO

Meet Susie

“Before I started working with Lucy I was working 70-hour weeks and completely burnt out. I was not spending time with my loved ones and counting the time down to retirement. Please note I am 43 so not at the typical age that one should be obsessing about retirement. I was unhappy, not sleeping and having to take medication to sleep and my attitude was very resentment and negative. I was very much contemplating giving up my job as I did not think it was possible to have it all as a career woman with 2 kids 5 and under and a husband who also works. I was in a very dark place and getting no enjoyment in anything including spending time with my amazing family.

I used to be a very positive person and full of energy this had changed to some lacking motivation and who was very negative. I am now in an incredibly good place. I have learnt that it is possible to have it all. I spend quality time with my family. I am balancing my workload with family time. I am delegating more and am very energized and motivated. I have been told that I am being looked at for promotion to Divisional President instead of me believing I had to best case take a step down. I am not working weekends at all, in a running club, making new friends and have even signed up to run a marathon. Also, I am prioritizing things on my bucket list while making a positive impact at work. I have no issues sleeping anymore. I am not working weekends. I am very present with my family and friends. I have significantly more confidence, understand my own worth more and don't feel I have to prove myself to anyone anymore. It is refreshing!

I loved the tools on Prioritization, setting realistic goals and the CEO Power hour. The most impactful thing I learned was No one else can change my situation but me and instead of making excuses on why things are like this I can be my own catalyst for change. Lucy is professional but really human and someone who challenged me when I needed to be challenged. You get one life and it is so precious so why spend your time sacrificing time with the people most important to you and doing the things that make you happy because you are in your own head and worrying about things that may never happen. If you invest in yourself to figure this out it will pay back 10 fold in better health and a better life.”

Susie, Vice President Commercial Operations


“I was feeling frustrated and burnt out which was manifesting in a way that was detrimental to my career and personal life. Now, everything has changed. I don't sweat the small things anymore.

I feel more in control and can manage my emotions and difficult stakeholders with ease by using Lucy's simple tools and practical strategies. I would highly recommend her to any woman in leadership who is feeling frustrated or unclear on her career path.”

Sarah, Global head of optimisation strategy and operations, tech industry

Meet Emma

“My husband listened to me for months complaining about work. It took its toll on our family dynamic and my health. I was overworked and sick of corporate politics. I was 95% sure leaving my job was the right decision but it wasn't.

The mindset modules Lucy teaches are mind-blowing as is the training on being more assertive, influencing my boss and dealing with difficult people!!! You have not just changed my life, but my families too - they get happy they have their Mam again. Don't hesitate to reach out to Lucy, she will be your new best friend.

Emma, Head of Quality, Pharma Industry

Meet Nicola

“I sought coaching from Lucy to work through both personal and professional goals and challenges I was facing. From our very first session I felt completely at ease with Lucy. She created a safe space for me to be open and vulnerable, something which I am not always comfortable in doing. I often still hear her voice in my head when I am faced with challenges - asking me the right questions to help move me along and stop getting stuck in the cycle of old behaviours that were getting in my way. I'm hugely appreciative of Lucy's support and wouldn't hesitate in recommending her.”

Nicola. Ex HR Regional Leader software and tech services industry

Meet Carol

“I spend most of my life with this feeling of not being good enough and worrying when I messed up. My CV looks great but I felt like a fraud and didn't trust myself. I found myself getting frustrated at work and it was affecting not only me, but my team and family too.

Investing in myself was a big deal as I usually prioritize work and family but that wasn't working. Fast forward a few weeks and I feel like me again. Lucy helped me figure things out and gave me the support, tools and accountability I needed. I now feel content and happy. I have more confidence, am able to switch off without fear and overall I'm a better leader and person. This program will change your life, just go for it!!”

Carol, Chief operating officer biomedical industry

Meet Michelle

“I made the life-changing decision to reach out to Lucy. My work-life balance was non-existent and the pressure of 12/13 hour working days and crept into my family time. Work was constantly on my mind and I wasn't sleeping.

After working with Lucy the positive changes have been incredible. I am able to park work in the evenings/weekends and focus on my family, myself & friends. I've changes as a person. I have the confidence now to push back & stand up for myself. That people pleaser is now pleasing herself.”

Michelle, L&D Leader, Insurance industry

Meet Tracy

“Working with Lucy was transformative. I was feeling massively overwhelmed like I was failing at life. Home and work pressures were smothering me. I was feeling worn down and it was affecting my relationships. Lucy gave me practical tools and helped me understand myself. She's brilliant at articulating the psychological side of things. I had so many 'ah-ha' moments. I learned how to cope better with life's challenges and cut myself some slack. Lucy genuinely cares about her clients, it's not just "a job". I couldn't recommend her highly enough and I'll definitely be back. Thank you Lucy.”

Tracy, Marketing Director Financial Services Industry

Meet Nessa

“Lucy helped me to tackle different issues I was dealing with, sometimes business-related and sometimes personal. Lucy has a way of making you look at things differently and helping with resolutions to each of these issues. I always felt better after each of these issues. I always felt better after each session as she had armed me with the tools I need to tackle each issue! I would highly recommend that you try coaching with Lucy if you are a business owner in a management position etc.”

Nessa O'Farrel, Re/Max Director Real estate industry

Meet Amy

“I feel like two different people from when I started. Managing a team and prioritising the day to day can be extremely difficult. Working with Lucy has firstly helped me stop, take a breath and then focus, balancing my priorities to ensure success of both. Confidence in what you do is key and Lucy has helped me believe more in myself and the decisions I make. Lucy has been able to help me focus on my future goals and give me guidance on the best approach to achieve them. I've really noticed how I'm starting to use the tools and methods discussed with Lucy to benefit the business and team. I would highly recommend Lucy.”

Amy, Founder and Owner The Little Wax Company

Meet Francheska

“As a Mum and leader of a global team, my life is pretty hectic. I found myself becoming increasingly frustrated with my career which in turn was affecting my confidence and overall happiness.

Lucy gave me tools to see the situation from an impartial perspective and realize I was spending my energy on things that I couldn't change.

With this new perspective, I've been able to shift my focus to things that I really care about and move forward with purpose."

Francheska, Mum & Senior Global Leader, Tech

Meet Grainne

“I'm always last on my to-do list, so signing up with Lucy was a big decision. It has definitely paid off.

She's provided me with the tools and resources to help me manage my time more effectively, build my confidence, and really appreciate my personal value and self-worth. She's open honest, empathetic, and non-judgmental, which put me at ease straight away and helped us, deep-dive, into each session”

Grainne, Global Manager, Tech Industry & Mum of 3

Self-leadership and leadership development



From a young age I remember the pressure to continuously conform to the expectations of others and to put other people’s feelings and needs first. And when I began my career in a corporate role, that just continued. I was so eager to please, and desperate for approval that it felt impossible to show the world who I really was, for fear of judgement.

Back then, on the outside I was a driven, high performing corporate leader in the pharmaceutical industry, solving complex problems, delivering on time and shaping culture with high energy and a big smile. But inside I was running on empty. Overwhelmed. Forever anxious. Zero work-life balance, horrendous self-belief and my own biggest critic. When it started to affect my reputation and my most important relationships, I decided enough was enough.

I invested in myself to take back control. I focused my energy on reading and learning new skills and tools. I found courses and coaches to teach, guide and hold me accountable to create change. Most importantly I decided to care more about myself and my family and a little less about the noble cause that had almost been brainwashed into me.

I found the confidence to leave my 20 year career and help women leaders just like you to see that you can have it all too. Since then, I’ve created a top-rated podcast, won awards, and sold-out masterclasses and programs. I’ve gone from overwhelmed “yes girl” to helping hundreds of corporate female leaders to create better balance, more success, and find true inner happiness. And if I can make it happen, I know you can too.