#46 Who Exactly is Lucy Gernon?

The 360 Leadhership Podcast, Episode 46, 09 November 2022 by Lucy Gernon

Lucy who?

Who is the real Lucy Gernon and what makes her tick?

Lucy is best known for her love of pink and teaching women in corporate leadership roles proven strategies and tools to improve work-life balance, stop negative self-talk and build your leadership toolkit, so you excel in your career without burning out or missing out on life.

She is also host of the popular Powerhouse Revolution podcast for women in leadership.

But who is the real Lucy Gernon and what makes her tick? That is exactly what you will find out today.

People connect with people so Lucy has decided to open the door to her personal life for the first time on the podcast.

Curious to know if you share the same values or tastes?

Want to know what her ideal Friday night is, and what exactly IS the story behind the picture below?

It is time to go behind the scenes and get to know Lucy!

The episode at a glance:

[2:02] Who exactly is Lucy Gernon?

[05:11 The most shocking move she ever made

[06:33] Why Lucy started her business

[13:00] One thing that will definitely surprise you

[19:28] Why family is always first

Reach out to Lucy on LinkedIn or Instagram after listening to this episode and tell her one personal thing about yourself, so she can get to know her listeners more, too.


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