#45 The Only 2 Things You Can Do to Stop Work-Related Guilt

The 360 Leadhership Podcast, Episode 45, 02 November 2022 by Lucy Gernon

As a woman in a leadership position, do you struggle from work-related guilt?

Work-related guilt causes work-related stress and many women go through their whole careers with this burden on their back.

As long as the guilt is there, the stress and anxiety are there too.

And this constant cycle of negative talk in your head will cause you to go crazy!

Do you relate to any of the below?

  • Feeling guilty for taking time off work even though you are entitled to it.

  • Feeling guilty for calling in sick because you are letting your team down even if you are so ill you cannot leave your bed.

  • Feeling major mom guilt or aunt guilt for not getting to spend enough time with the kids, or missing out on milestones because you were at work.

  • Feeling guilty when you’re chilling with family or friends because you “should” be working.

  • You may work so hard that you don’t have time or energy to cook so you eat crap – and boom… here comes the guilt for not eating healthy!

It is a never-ending cycle…You are only one person, you cannot do all that is expected of you in just 24 hours, so it is time to cut yourself some slack.

In this weeks episode of the Powerhouse Revolution podcast  I’ll share the only 2 things you can do to stop these feelings of guilt so you feel more relaxed and content.

Here’s this episode at a glance:

[01:18] The things most women leaders feel guilty about

[03:26] The only thing you can do when that feeling of guilt creeps in

[05:10] The single most powerful thing you can do to change how you feel

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